Desperation at the Centre for Intelligent Design?

I’d been wondering why there hadn’t been any updates recently from Glasgow’s very own Discotute-wannabees, the Centre for Intelligent Design (abbreviated C4ID, in a very modern idiom). I needn’t have worried as while I was on a long weekend in a 3G blackspot, the August 2013 newsletter plopped into my mailbox. Headed as usual by […]

Desperation at the Centre for Intelligent Design

I’ve long been following the antics of Glasgow’s Centre for Intelligent Design (C4ID), the UK’s little brother to the Discotute, a setup which aims to push Intelligent Design creationism in the UK. Indeed, I find it rather amusing to be on their mailing list – I was invited to attend last year’s lecture by Stephen […]

An evening with the Centre for Intelligent Design: why I didn’t attend.

Back in September, I received a plain envelope at my work address.  In it was an invitation to attend an event in Whitehall, London.  This invitation from Lord Mackay of Clashfern, was for an’”Evening lecture and supper with Dr Stephen Meyer”, which would feature a “careful presentation of the ‘fiendishly difficult’ problem of the origin […]

More wishful thinking from the Centre for Intelligent Design

It would seem that the critical scientific thinking so lacking among Intelligent Design creationism proponents is still absent over at the Centre for Intelligent Design.  An update to their website reports on a recent review paper in Nature (New research on protein folding demonstrates intelligent design).  The article is by Antony Latham, a GP on […]

The Edinburgh Science Festival, Creationism and the Centre for Intelligent Design

The 21st Floor has a review by Keir Liddle of a debate on the creeping of creationism into schools, held as part of the Edinburgh Science Festival (EdSciFest: Creeping Creationism) – unfortunately I no longer reside there and couldn’t come along, but one of my BCSE colleagues Paul Braterman was there to take part in […]

The President of the Centre for Intelligent Design is a 6 day creationist. Surprise.

Professor Norman Nevin, the President of the Centre for Intelligent Design, is a 6 day creationist. The British Centre for Science Education blog features a report on a sermon delivered by Professor Norman Nevin OBE (Creation Watch – Norman Nevin – God and the Cosmos).  Professor Nevin is of interest to this blog because he […]

Centre for Intelligent Design: the Guernsey connection

The recently launched Centre for Intelligent Design (C4ID) has as its guiding lights three evangelical christians, and is notionally based in Glasgow.  It does however have a base in Guernsey.  I note an article in The Guernsey Press entitled “No Place for ID in Today’s Thinking“, which reveals a little more about the Guernsey connection.  […]

Centre for Intelligent Design: “Inevitable” that ID will reach schools

The Centre for Intelligent Design is certainly making the news.  The latest to come to my attention is an article in The Herald (Would you Adam and Eve it? Top scientists tell Scottish pupils: the Bible is true).  The article begins They are among Scotland’s most eminent scientists, they believe the world was created in […]

Centre for Intelligent Design on “How the Scientific Consensus can hinder Science”

The Centre for Intelligent Design has a rather amusing page in which they somewhat hopefully set out their stall for Intelligent Design to be classified as a scientific endeavour.  They make use of historical figures such as Galileo, Wegener and Semmelweis to illustrate a claim that those who threaten the Scientific Consensus are given short […]